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United States Judo Association
Judo and Ju-Jitsu Rank Structure

Kyu Grades (Beginning Levels)

Rank Rank Belt Color
7th Kyu Unranked White Belt
6th Kyu Rokyu Yellow Belt
5th Kyu Gokyu Orange Belt
4th Kyu Yonkyu Green Belt
3rd Kyu SanKyu Brown Belt
2nd Kyu Nikyu Brown Belt
1st Kyu Ikkyu Brown Belt

Dan Grades (Black Belt Levels)

Rank Rank Belt Color Rank Title
1st Dan Shodan Black Belt Beginner Black Belt
2nd Dan Nidan Black Belt Intermediate Black Belt
3rd Dan Sandan Black Belt Advanced Black Belt
4th Dan Yodan Red & Black Belt Beginner Instructor
5th Dan Godan Red & Black Belt Advanced Instructor
6th Dan Rokudan Red & White Belt Master/Expert
7th Dan Shichidan Red & White Belt Advanced Master/Expert
8th Dan Hachidan Red & White Belt Grand Master
9th Dan Kudan Red Belt Advanced Grand Master
10th Dan Judan Special White Belt Professor